Behind the Scenes

  1. Into the Bamboo Grove

    Brissago Island – Shooting the dance sequence

  2. Dance Rehearsal

    A quick rehearsal during the camera's resetting

  3. Dress Adjustments

    The stylist fixing the costume

  4. The Last Take of the Day

    Actresses posing for a group shot after a long day in the bamboo grove

  5. The Flying Sequence

    Attempting an old Japanese trick

  6. The Spirit of Freedom

    The actress getting into her part

  7. Monte Ghiridone

    Location scouting in the mountains

  8. Ghiridone's Peak

    Searching for the perfect angle

  9. Ghiridone's Peak

    Posing for the DOP

  10. Sunset

    View over Locarno

  11. Sunrise

    Waking up at 5 AM to catch the sunrise

  12. Working with the Singer

    Setting up the shot

  13. Rehearsal

    The lead singer and the make-up assistant on a break

  14. Sweden

    Shooting the documentary part on a sailing trip in Sweden