1. Behind the Scenes

    Some impressions from the making of «1927»

  2. Image Archive

    Images of a family legacy

  3. Correspondence

    A letter to Roosevelt and the replies from the American Embassy in Berne and from Theodor Heuss at the wake of World War II

  1. Director's Biography

    Laura Kaehr started her career as a ballet dancer. Originally from Minusio, Ticino (Switzerland), she moved to Cannes at age 14 to attend the «Centre de Danse International Rosella Hightower», where she studied ballet, modern dance, theater, music, and…

  2. Synopsis

    In the docu–fiction «1927» I tell the story of a family's cultural legacy. In 1925 the First World War Western European Allied powers and the new states of Central and Eastern Europe reunited in Locarno (Switzerland) to sign a peace treaty. My…

  3. Screenings

    Internationalen Kurzfilmtage Winterthur
    4 – 9 | 11 | 2014

    Sunday 9th of November 2014, Casino Festsaal – 11:30h

  4. Contact

    Laura Kaehr
    Cat People Films GmbH
    Eschwiesenstrasse 30
    CH–8003 Zurich

    +41 (0) 76 522 92 27

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